Invested Advisors CEO Guest Lectures at Roskilde University’s Entrepreneurs Program


This November, Invested Advisors’ CEO Crystal Sargent traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark as a guest lecturer at Roskilde University’s business school’s entrepreneurs program. Sargent, who in 2016 foundWelcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!ed Invested Advisors, a business consulting and strategic marketing and communications firm, addressed faculty and students and presented principles and rigors of entrepreneurship, the planning process of launching a business and entrepreneurial assumptions, policies and risks within the European Union affecting innovation.

Sargent drew from her firm’s expertise and portfolio of business clients as case studies focusing on three critical areas that enables businesses to initiate a process that converts intelligence into business strategies that grow the topline and mitigate risk including:

  • building a company’s brand architecture to uncover its ultimate value
  • development of a competitive landscape analysis to identify competitive advantages and unique selling proposition and
  • effective use of technology as a catalyst to improve the customer experience

One of the themes that emerged from the discussion was a sentiment that Denmark lacks adequate access to working capital. Sargent responded with insights on the structural elements of the U.S. banking system including EQ2 enhanced investments that banks make in intermediary microlenders as a part of a bank’s CRA compliance program.

In closing, Sargent presented her Evergreen List of what entrepreneurs can do to better understand their competitive landscape and the critical skills that help entrepreneurs realize greater success. She then transitioned from the list of best practices to sharing her Company’s Invested Traveler division’s strategies that support its new Windus collection of luxury travel accessories endeavor. Sargent shared insights into the company’s creative process and how they leveraged their 3rd party business certifications to get into the supply chains of retailers. She noted the certification was a lynchpin to accessing corporate relationships that advance revenue opportunities.

The speaking engagement presented a pathway for the University to host a student and faculty educational tour of San Diego’s start-up, educational and innovation communities in 2018.

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