May 29, 2017

Invested Advisors, Inc. Launches Invested Traveler Division

Invested Traveler™, a new division of Invested Advisors, Inc., has just launched its’ custom-curated incentive destination management travel program coined The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement. The program was developed to help companies attract highly-qualified top talent, increase employee retention and productivity, and reward top performers. These are all key factors known to increase workforce engagement, advance corporate culture and bolster financial results.

Since launching Invested Advisors in 2016, several clients were in need of solutions that differentiated them from competitors and go beyond financial compensation and misaligned employee incentives and perks. The need in the marketplace led to the development of Invested Traveler and The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement.

Invested Traveler’s “Journey Model” is different from other incentive programs because each core offering is aligned with the linear progression of the business’ operation. Every travel experience is engineered to provide a deep education into the individual business, enhance personal growth and creativity and offer tools to develop more profitable customer relationships. In addition, Invested Traveler, with the support of Invested Advisors, builds in pre- and post-trip support and planning to facilitate the long-term positive effects of the program.

“The Invested Traveler team works with each business and destination venue to develop custom-curated experiential travel programs that are fun, educational and designed to spark innovation and creativity,” said Crystal Sargent, president of Invested Traveler and CEO and their parent company, Invested Advisors. “As the economy continues to improve and the need for talent increases, CEO’s are tasked with attracting and retaining top talent. Drawing on the expertise of Invested Traveler enables business leaders to provide an unparalleled work environment, one-of-a-kind travel experiences and draw the best from their most valuable assets: their team.”

Greg Parry is Director of Business Development: The Journey Experience for Invested Traveler. Parry will provide business advisory services that incorporate strategic event planning and logistical support to execute each travel experience to meet the clients’ needs and budget. He will conduct cost benefit analysis and follow-up survey insights to provide the clients management team with employee feedback, overall success of the program and ROI.

Parry draws from a rich background in marketing and has experienced great success building businesses in the U.S., Canada and Europe. His personal experience and enthusiasm for experiential travel, outdoor adventure and the performing arts, makes him an asset to the Invested Travel team. Parry began his career at the Banff Center for the Arts, Canada’s foremost arts training facility in Banff National Park.

“Our team has had an overwhelming response to the travel programs that we’ve developed for other clients and look forward to helping other companies achieve their business goals by attracting and keeping great employees and rewarding them with one of kind travel experiences,” said Sargent.

About Invested Traveler:

Invested Traveler™ helps organizations enhance employee engagement and staff development through The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement –including corporate retreats, performance management tools and custom curated business development and incentive travel programs delivered through an integrated marketing, communications and event planning platform that leverages advanced technology applications.

Invested Traveler is a division of Invested Advisors, Inc., a privately-held California corporation. For more information on the company please visit:, or call 800.672.7560.