Solutions Backed by Experience, Creativity, and Innovation to Help Ignite Opportunity.TM

Like many great companies, our start also began with two friends contemplating how to have more purpose in our work after exceling in senior roles in financial services and technology sectors. We wanted to build upon that valuable experience to help others reach new heights. After jotting down some ideas on a napkin, the name and purpose of our new company emerged. What was the purpose of the business? To apply our lifelong corporate and advisory experience to help businesses intersect the most critical aspects of their operation and workforce to deliver outcomes that accelerate their momentum and improve their market position.

In early 2016 the company organized, expanded the leadership team and built a robust platform that delivered these and more services through an advisory model and three primary divisions:

Invested Advisory Services

We provide strategies that help optimize businesses results with advanced strategies to improve corporate positioning, sales, marketing and branding, and communications; strategies to help businesses operate more efficiently to improve the bottom line, and strategies that help businesses increase productivity through workforce engagement solutions.

Invested Traveler

The key to achieving peak performance is engaging your employees in uniquely powerful ways – ways that take your team farther than they could have imagined. Invested Traveler takes you there – with custom-curated learning experiences for your team that will educate and inspire them to reach their fullest potential.

If it’s time to think out of the box – and beyond borders, Invested Traveler can help you invigorate your employees with rich experiences that can only come from expertly-crafted journeys. We also extend our resources beyond your employee base and apply towards your client strategies.

Our event services include strategic event planning, cloud and mobile app-based technology and on-site logistics support. You’ll benefit from having a certified event planner as a single point of contact who handles all of your vendor contracts and insurance requirements.


When it comes to traveling abroad, sometimes you want to bring home more treasures than the airline allows. We help clients who participate in one of our curated experiences with logistics solutions in shipping and handling especially related to state and international borders which help ensure fast delivery of products that are received in the exceptional condition in which they were procured.