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After 30 years of success, Culinary Concepts Catering brought in Invested Advisors to help them gain better strategic alignment between its brand and sales culture to accelerate its growth trajectory while bringing efficiency to their marketing activities and making better use of their budgets. The Retainer began with focus groups from the company’s marketing, sales and operations team to assess the challenges and opportunities, followed by an audit of all collateral materials, campaigns, and sales and marketing assets.

With input from the owner, our team helped the team build confidence in taking a strong, bold market position. We then led the re-launch of the company’s website and designed its advertising to highlight the important moments people need their services and expertise. We also led the Company’s media and press communications with more frequent press pushes that translated into earned media interviews and exposure.

The Company financials last year were their best year yet.

Magazine Advertisements


In conducting a competitive analysis of the catering, meetings/events and hospitality industries, what we discovered was people tried to throw everything into one add to demonstrate full-service capabilities. We do food and beverage, we do rentals, we do flowers…we do it all. But the approach didn’t create clear messaging with compelling visuals.

Taking our cues from automotive, fashion and interior design, where brands focus on a singular product or even an aspect of a product, we took the same approach for culinary design. The resulting deliverables are visually strong with a clear nod to the goals of the target customer.

That simplicity was carried through across the client’s advertising and media placement to rave reviews.

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Website Redesign


The owner stated their new website was the best in the market. True or otherwise, the sentiment was a strong reflection of their happiness. Here’s why:

• Video that immediately draws in customers
• Artist renderings that showcase concept to completion
• Online RFP process that helped the sales team elevate and expedite customer service
• Integrated curated Instagram account that helped company gain followers
• Site and venue page that built partnerships
• Online menus that helped site visitors conduct research and improve engagement

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