Etha Natural Botanicals


As a start-up in the non-regulated Kratom industry, the co-founders needed insights and the best approach to engage with government agencies and elected officials to stay ahead of the curve in an uncertain regulatory environment.

Governmental Affairs Outreach:

Getting in front of regulatory challenges

Even though Etha Natural Botanicals delivers an effective and natural plant-derived product known as Kratom, you can really think of them in the natural pharmaceuticals business. And everything phrama-related equates to industry regulations. But before governing bodies impose regulations, Etha has taken a leadership position within the industry to help them design effective self-regulation practices. This requires the on-going outreach to elected officials at every level of government. That’s where we come in, with the know-how to navigate the political hierarchy –and get Etha in front of policy makers before there is a policy vote.

Enhance Your Government and Regulatory Affairs

Care Package Campaign

Corporate Philanthropy Aligns with Business Endeavors

Ethan distribution tends to be through eCommerce and natural and healthcare stores, so we worked with them at the start of COVID to design a philanthropic campaign that aligned their charitable giving with their business pursuits. It was just one more way to support the industries that nurture their growth while helping them connect with more people who appreciated their efforts and share their values. The company was profiled in California markets in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego County, which also helped them expand their business’ geographic reach.

Strategic Giving is Good for Business