Human Resource Practice Leaders Innovate Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Build Powerful Teams and Performance

Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Marketing Propels
Workforce Engagement

Marketing professionals are the first to posit, they are accustomed to positioning a brand in the marketplace to compete for customers with strategies that generate a ROI. So why not apply that same competitive nature to help human resource executives successfully compete for top talent while lowering the cost and time associated with recruitment and retention?

The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement was created to help businesses and HR managers improve the efficacy of recruitment and retention of top talent. Both can be accretive to the bottom line and fashioning strategies akin to the customer journey and/or user experience only makes sense. In other words, why not position your brand to stand out with candidates you’d like to join the team? That’s what you’d do for the customer – even though your customer acquisition strategy begins with your people. So, let’s start there.

Are you thinking outside of the box and analyzing your recruitment efforts, tools and retention programs? Do those efforts support today’s experiential, social and digital economy? Do you know where the gaps and opportunities are in shaping the team you want to build? Once you have the right team in place, what programs have managers implemented to keep their teams highly engaged and dedicated to seeing the business grow and succeed?

The High Cost of Recruitment

The San Diego Police department recently released a branding and marketing consulting services Request for Proposal (RFP) for the development of an officer recruitment campaign. The City estimates it costs approximately $190,000 to bring each new officer onto the force. What’s the cost to the City and taxpayers when one of its officers leaves for another agency – maybe because of a relatively small salary bump. That officer leaving will cost the City $190,000, and that’s if there were no other open positions! Now imagine, if the operation has a ‘revolving door’ of talent and the financial impact of attrition.

Studies show that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies. It is a proven fact that companies with happy employees perform better- much better in fact. But so often, company leaders are challenged by external factors which leaves little time for developing employee growth programs. Perhaps that is one of the key reasons engagement trends in the U.S. continue to be bleak. This is another reminder why it is important to measure your team’s current state of enthusiasm and dedication to their job –and create programs to raise engagement and promote a positive work culture.

Many HR executives are looking to break down barriers and silos to enable teams and departments to work more efficiently together. Others may see their business evolving but their people are not. Naturally, HR managers should ensure their workforce aligns with the company’s vision and growth objectives but the key to achieving peak performance is engaging employees in uniquely powerful ways that take the team farther than they could have imagined.

Engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work. Research shows the undeniable parallel between employee engagement and business outcomes essential to an organization’s financial success, such as productivity, profitability, and customer engagement. There are proactive steps you can take in building a powerful team of top performers:

Candidate Engagement and Recruitment:
  • Differentiate and elevate the candidates’ recruitment experience with your brand
  • Fill the pipeline of quality candidates through experiential marketing techniques rather than reliance on technology platforms.
  • Expedite candidate consideration which lowers overall cost of employee acquisition and accelerates your topline and productivity
  • Customize recruitment strategies to attract a workforce across generations and demographics to mitigate any of the ‘isms’ being associated with your brand
  • Build an “academy” to educate candidates on company culture and mission to ensure the right fit from the start
Employee Engagement and Retention:
  • Introduce programs that make your employees want to work for your company and play a role in its’ long-term success
  • Strengthen and enhance leadership capabilities, benefiting both the employee and the company through strategic-retreats or off-sites
  • Cement pivotal client relationship with events that give your team the tools they need to enhance the relationship and secure long-term business

When you introduce solutions like the Journey Model, they can be such a powerful tool that you’ll want to let the world know through public and media relations. Whether you choose business or human-interest stories, one thing is clear – you’ll probably collaborate with the marketing department to get the word out about your enviable story of business success.

Crystal Sargent is founder and CEO of Invested Advisors and president of Invested Traveler, a B2B service firms that provides business advisory services coupled with solutions to curate and deliver personal, memorable experiences that propels employee engagement and helps the company realize top line growth and operationalize efficiencies to deliver bottom-line gains.



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Crystal is as inspirating as she is a sought speaker on marketing, entrepreneurship and professional and personal development. She’s been an invited to speak to employees of large healthcare systems like Humana Healthcare, public agencies including the San Diego Police Department’s Women’s Leadership Conference, and was a guest lecturer for the U.S. Department of Transportation in Los Angeles and Sacramento, CA, helping business owners find success marketing their business in the digital, social and experience economy. The perennial emcee for the Top 40 Under 40 awards program, she’s traveled as far as Roskilde University in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a guest lecturer on entrepreneurship.

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